Tattoos, Art & Design by Tim Baxley

Tattooist located in Florida

Tattoos, Art & Design by Tim Baxley

I am a multimedia artist who has been tattooing & creating art professionally since 1994. My specialty is tattoo restorations & I can generally fix just about any poorly executed tattoo. Though tattooing has been my full time job for 25+ years, I also dabble in web design, graphic design, social media marketing & a few other mediums.

I am currently doing a guest spot at Overlord Tattoo Studio, located at 7 Old Kings Road Suite #2 in Palm Coast, Florida (starting August 26th). Call (786) 320-1625 to reach me at the shop or call/text me at (678) 631-7881 to contact me personally, to schedule a consultation or to schedule an appointment.

You may also email me at

I have tattooed in Georgia, Florida, California & Texas. I started my tattoo career in Atlanta, Georgia at Sacred Heart Tattoo L5P/ATL, but have also worked at Tornado Tattoo, Black Cat Tattoo, Lucky Draw Tattoo, Revelation Ink Tattoo Emporium, Olde School Tattoo, Body Images, Zen Body Art, Fountain of Youth Tattoo, Salty Parrot Ink & a few other shops.

I opened Southside Tattoo in East Point, Georgia in 2006 & ran that shop for 6 years. I also helped found Aces & Eights Tattoo in Augusta, Ga. in 2003.

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“I like to make things, to make things better & to make tacos.”

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